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17 novembre 2011 4 17 /11 /novembre /2011 09:32

 Gunilla Gerland, a swedish author with autism, has created a page on Facebook to support us

Translation of the article posted by the daily newspaper "La voix du Nord" , on the 16 November 2011


A French film about psychoanalytic approach of autism turns to legal battle


A step which is too rare to remain unnoticed


On one hand, Sophie Robert, a filmmaker living in Lille, who describes herself as a “psychoanalysis anthropologist”. On the other hand, renowned, internationally-recognized psychoanalysts, acknowledged by their peers. And in the middle, a documentary dedicated to the psychoanalytic therapy of autism.


On the DVD, you can read: “Sophie Robert did a large survey among thirty paediatricians-psychoanalysts. Some of them are the greatest French specialists of autism. The documentary demonstrates, by the absurd statements made by the interviewees facing the camera, how inefficient psychoanalytic care of autism is. ““In France, psychoanalysts are forty years behind on the rest of the world in treatment of autism,” the filmmaker states.


They’re opposed to cognitive-behavioural techniques.” She highlights: “I filmed them while they were expressing their points of view. It’s so shocking. It damages their image. Three of the thirty experts interviewed by Sophie Robert feel they have been tricked by her and ask for a ban on the documentary. A judge of the Lille Regional Court has already granted them the recordings disposition authority. Yesterday, Sophie Robert and her lawyer, Benoît Titran, counterattack. They asked the Court to cancel this “ex parte” order. The aim, inter alia, is to “protect journalistic sources, M. Titran argues. “Some people who have been interviewed in what will be a series of documentaries wish to remain anonymous. They don’t want to be recognized.”


A sabotage job


There is no question ever of retrieving all the images”, M. Charrière-Bournazel, the psychoanalysts’ lawyer, answers. One of them had been interviewed for three hours, another for two hours and the last one, for an hour. Their statements have been distorted, and made incomprehensible. Questions have been added later just before my clients’ declarations. “He therefore wants to compare the six hour raw material with the 52 minute documentary that has already been released last week in the “Univers” movie theatre in Lille. So the question of the confidentiality of journalistic sources is not to be taken into account in what the lawyer regards as a “sabotage job meant to create a controversial work.”One has the right to regard psychoanalysis as an absurdity, he says. But here, it’s all about ridiculing my clients.” The decision will be rendered on November, 29. Another action has been launched to have the film banned.






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Francesc Sistach 17/11/2011 19:40

I've reviewed the book "A History of Autism" in http://www.iautism.info/en/2011/10/12/book-review-a-history-of-autism. It is a great resource to understand the origin of the psychoanalysis approach
to treat people with autism. It also mentions how different the situation is in France, Catalonia and the French part of Swiss compared to what happens in the rest of the world.


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