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12 novembre 2011 6 12 /11 /novembre /2011 19:50

 Gunilla Gerland, a swedish author with autism, has created a page on Facebook to support us

Carole Contaud, a french mom, translated the french article posted in the press-online called "Médiapart" , on November 10, 2011


Autism : psychoanalysts’ wall stands against documentary denouncing their dogmatism

Sophie Robert most certainly did not expect her documentary “The Wall”... to be wholeheartedly acclaimed by the congregation of French psychoanalysts. Nor, however, did we expect them to go as far as to strive to have it banned...


So the 52-minute film deals with a specific feature of psychology in France – under the powerful influence of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalytic theories – to support against all odds the idea that autism is a psychological disease related to psychosis, when the rest of the world diagnose “human social development disorders” due to neurological problems.


Throughout the documentary, our very prominent interviewed child psychiatrists / psychoanalysts explain in long sequences that the problem of autism comes from... the mother! A mother that is either too cold or too warm, either depressive or possessive (jealous of Man’s penis, she finds in her child a penis substitute), incestuous and abusive mother, dragon mother, crocodile mother, mother who defeated the father’s sacred mission to “cut the cord” and intervene in the mother-child relationship with the almighty power of his penis (symbolized by the law... even if a Bic pen will do just as well).


The basis for these affirmations rests on the intuition of several psychoanalysis’ Great Minds (Freud of course, Bettelheim, Lacan...), many psychoanalytic courses of treatment... but on no experimentation, nor even the least statistic nor result checking to support their theories.


There are consequences to their theories. Deeply convinced that their cause is just, with poses of Resistants to the Anglo-Saxon invader and his cognitive-behavioural theories (which they compare to animal training), here they are now separating children with autism from their parents, disagree with their socialisation and school education, blame the parents and instil the idea of potential parental, and particularly motherly, maltreatment.


As for their relation to science (biology, neurology, etc.), it’s just staggering and is no more but mere magical thinking! One can hardly believe its ears when hearing them getting bogged down into meaningless explanations on how the mother biologically rejects the father’s genetic part in the foetus, the mother’s biological double negation, the paternal role of the placenta and so on. These men and women provide care in psychiatric hospitals in France, and yet their level of knowledge in human biology is basically very, very poor.


Let me pass on this so-called-psychiatrist’s unacceptable statement, according to which father-daughter incest causes much less damage (“at worst, it makes girls dumb”, she says) than mother-son incest (it causes psychosis).


Eventually, these statements depict implicitly a wrong, negative and retrograde, almost biblical notion of womanhood: jealous, evil, “nature-oriented” and inevitably guilty! Whereas Manhood is depicted as powerful and responsible for culture transmission (as opposed to the mother’s state of nature, of course), for the respect of the law, for separating the baby from his mother (those potentially baby-devouring creatures) and bringing him up to make him a real human.


Now, make your own judgement!







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