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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 12:49

weekly national newspaper "le canard enchainé" - November 30 - 2011

About the film "The wall - psychoanalysis put to the test for autism"


Autism : c'est fou !


A plastic crocodile in her hand, the psychiatrist says “When the child puts his hand on it, I am worried”. She has a lot to be worried! This animal “is the mother’s belly!”, “ The mother’s jaws!” And this pen blocking the way to the monster’s jaws is the father, preventing the mother from devouring her offspring. These are a few samples of the amazingly silly statements you can hear on “The Wall”, a documentary Sophie Robert dedicated to autism. Science has already demonstrated the psychological origins of this illness. But in France, some Psychiatry schools and some schools of psychoanalysis keep on blaming on poor parenting.
Three out of the ten or so psychiatrists interviewed by the filmmaker have requested their interviews to be cut after they watched the film. They invoke a “trap”, even “distortion” of their speeches. Unless they heard themselves and suddenly realized how ridiculous they were when asserting, in their schoolteacher tone, outrageously silly comments on mothers either “too warm” or “too cold”, always “bogeywoman” anyhow. Or on the child, a substitute for the father’s penis, dedicated for the mother’s sexual enjoyment. This mother of all evils enjoys changing diapers, when she’s not arousing his penis, and so on. Or this apotheosis: “Paternal incest does not cause so much damage, it makes the girls a little moronic...”, whereas the real danger is maternal incest “to penetrate the mother”, “in this case, there is psychosis”.
Currently, “The Wall” can be watched on the web only. And yet, Benoît Titran, the filmmaker’s lawyer, supported by many associations of parents of autistic children, asserts: “there is no faking, no trap, we we’re having here is a training tool for the general audience, a public safety work.” Definitely enlightening, indeed!"


I join an article about the psychoanalytic vision of autism

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