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Translation of an article published in L'Express weekly paper on May 24th 2012

French weekly paper L'Express has recently acquired this previously unreleased video footage which sheds new light on "The Wall" documentary case. This documentary denounced psychoanalytic therapy of autism.
On January 26th, the Lille High Court ordered filmmaker Sophie Robert to withdraw her movie from the internet, and to pay significant amounts in damages to three of the interviewed therapists, because she cut her documentary in such a way that "the meaning of their speeches had been actually distorted". Sophie Robert appealed against this decision. 
This case arises in a context in which the psychoanalytic therapy of autistic children is increasingly questioned. This approach is widely spread in France, but it has been disavowed by the french High Health Authority on March, 8th, which has recommended alternative, “educational” methods, to deal with this early communication disorders.
Complaints regarding psychoanalysis include its erroneous explanation of autism. According to some psychoanalysts, a child develops autism as a response to an inappropriate attitude from his mother, who is either too cold or too possessive towards him. Yet, today there is a broad consensus within the international scientific community that autism is a disorder of neurobiological origin; in other words, it is the result of an impaired brain development. The interviewed psychoanalysts express their views on this subject, among many others, in this documentary. Esthela Solano-Suarez, one of the three complainants in "The Wall" case, has been interviewed too.
 The video footage released today by L'Express is a part of the three-hour interview of Esthela Solano-Suarez by Sophie Robert, recorded on November 5th, 2011 in her office in Paris. This seven-minutes sequence has not been included in the documentary's final cut, but it is part of the recordings that have been seized by the court, so that they could be compared with the sequences included in the film.
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