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Officiel english website : http://www.supportthewall.org/

The psychoanalytic vision of autism : available on this page

Excerpts from the film : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRU-aojZFzs



History of the film


On 7 september 2011,Sophie Robert, in collaboration with the "Autistes sans frontières" association, shown her documentary entitled  "THE WALL-Psychoanalysis put to the test for autism"   in Paris.


In this film, over twenty healthcare professionals in charge of institutions or child psychiatric hospitals - all psychoanalysts - describe the causes of autism and how it is treated using psychoanalysis.


To these psychoanalysts, autism is a form of psychosis, due to the mother being “too cold” or “too warm”, with a relationship towards the child that is “too empty” and due to the father failing to intervene between mother and child.
Psychoanalytical treatment involves waiting until the child is released from the speechless world in which he or she took refuge


This documentary has shocked many parents, who are joining their efforts to release it as broadly as possible, through the media and other events.The documentary has been subtitled in English and Spanish in order to spark foreign healthcare professionals and media to react to the dramatic situation concerning autism in France, since most of the health professionals who are currently recognized by the French government take a psychoanalytical approach to treating autism.


  • The reactions of international specialists have been collected in this page.    

  • On 24 October 2011, three psychoanalysts who appear in the movie took legal action in order to confiscate the video footage taking during the making of the documentary. Sophie Robert refused to comply and hired a lawyer.This news ( subtitled in english) was broadcast on the France 3 Nord Pas De Calais television channel on 28 October. .



  • On 4 November: the lawyer of Sophie Robert, producer of "The Wall", received an astounding court summons for the 8th of December, in Lille, France. Three of the psychoanalysts that appear in the film claim that the interviews are THEIR intellectual property, not HERS, and that she is not authorized to do any editing without their approval.

Their goal is to have the film entitled “The Wall” banned for use in any form whatsoever



Hearing of December 8th 2011 at the Regional District (TGI) of Lille
Summary of the court opinions and a blog post detailing the ambiance and the legal
talking points of the plaintiffs, the author and Autisme Sans Frontière



  • On Jan 26th 2012 : the  Court released its verdict : The Wall” is censored and banned. Sophie Robert and her sole-proprietorship company “Océan Invisible Productions” are sentenced pay to at least 40 000 EUROS in damages and lawyers fees to the plaintiffs.





      Interest of the global autism community for the story of the film
You can follow the interest week per week in several articles published in "support the wall" website.



  • Gunilla Gerland, a Swedish woman with autism very active in our fight,  has created a page on Facebook to support us            



  • Sophie Roberts and Diane Fraser have shown the film  at the ABAI Autism Conference Jan 27, 2012 in Philadelphia.


  • January 16th to 22th 2012 - Actions and press review

International reactions, action in France : representative Daniel Fasquelle (UMP, Conservative, GOP) files a bill proposing to ban Psychoanalysis in Autism in France .Read the revew of this week


  •   January 23th to January 29th 2012 - Actions and press review 

Following the articles published in the New York Times and in the International Herald Tribune, this week confirmed the interest of the global autism community for the story of the film “The Wall” and more largely the issues faced by autism in France. Read the revew of this week.






  French Press Review translated into english    

October 28 - French regional TV news "France 3", with english subtitles



November 4 - webmagasine"Rue 89" :

 "Autism : A film "the wall" disturbs the French psychoanalysts"


November 10 - webmagasine "Mediapart" :

 Autism : psychoanalysts’ wall stands against documentary denouncing their dogmatism


November 16 - Daily newspaper "La voix du Nord" :

A French documentary about psychoanalytic approach of autism turns to legal battle


November 16 - French regional TV news : channel " France 3 " ( with english subtitles )




November 18 - French famous magasine " L'express"

Autism: psychoanalysts prosecute a documentary filmmaker



 November 23 - TV " France 5", emission " the health magasine" ( without english subtitles)



November 25 - Paris - Press conference given by Sophie Robert, her lawyer Benoit Titran, and Vincent Gerhards, co-producer of the film

Here are the photos of this conference


November 30 - Weekly national newspaper "Le canard enchainé"

Autism : c'est fou !


December 6 - Internet newspaper "Huffpost" 




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