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A mother of Martigues (south of France) killed her autistic son aged 6 years before killing herself by hanging on Saturday, according to sources close to the investigation quoted by AFP. This is the father who alerted the emergency after the discovery of the lifeless body of his wife, aged forty years, and his son.

According to preliminary investigation, this pair of Indian nationality was having problems mainly because of "traditional marriage a bad experience" with the wife whose son was autistic, said the source. The District Attorney's office of Aix-en-Provence has not commented officially on this "private matter". The investigation was entrusted to the police of Martigues





The call Roselyne Bachelot: The despair of parents of autistic child


A mother strangled his 7 year old daughter, suffering from a form of autism, before killing himself.

There are over 600 thousand with autism in France, including 180 000 children.

It is barely 19 hours last Saturday when a family man, living in a neighborhood of Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhone), leaves his home to do some shopping. On his return, he discovers with horror the body without life of his wife, aged forty years, and his autistic daughter, aged 7 years. The girl was found strangled along with his mother, who then committed suicide by hanging. A source close to the investigation, this pair of Indian problems, including "due to a bad experience traditional marriage" by the wife, who was "depressed." Yet a version that will counter the image that referred the family. "I think the husband every night, a very polite man. I rarely saw his wife, says a neighbor. The little girl was a frail-looking, but it did not look unhappy. "A primary school where the girl was educated class of school integration since this year, a psychological unit was set up.

Isolation of parents

A tragedy that highlights the extreme distress and isolation of parents of autistic children. Olivia Cattan chairs the Association "Paroles de femmes" and yesterday launched a solemn appeal to the government for children with developmental disabilities are no longer discriminated against. Unfortunately, although she knows this because she is herself the mother of a sick child of 5 years. "Like all other children in his case, he is ostracised by society, even within the disability: it speaks only of motor impairment. At school, they are accepted only if accompanied by a carer School (AVS). But these are few and AVS often inadequately trained. And no AVS, no school, but a day hospital where the child is definitely not socialized, and is treated as a psychotic child. It's dramatic. Parents are alone, feel guilty by physicians who may not understand this disease, abandoned by the National Education who has not enough resources to help them. "
This is confirmed M'Hammed Sagidi, president of "Vaincre l'Autisme", and father of an autistic boy of 21 : "Parents are devoid of any social life, married life and external aid. I met hundreds of families exhausted mentally and physically, and come to end. My son started having problems at the age of 8 months. The diagnosis did not arrive until ten years later. Meanwhile, it has been left without proper care, thinking he was suffering from psychosis. Later, it was denied in school more than two hours a week. This was a real slap to me that we refuse it instructed the others. I had to go into debt to bring in therapists who worked with him. Today, autistic children whose parents do not know how to defend themselves or are unable to find treated in psychiatry, while their illness is physiological. How is this possible? "

Politics seem to gradually become aware of the current dramatic situation. Daniel Fasquelle, UMP deputy from Pas-de-Calais, had campaigned last year for autism to become a great national cause. He has since created a parliamentary group of studies on autism and organizes in January the first meetings of the National Assembly on the subject : "France is in the Middle Ages on this issue compared to others. I am shocked by the almost non-existent early detection and treatment inadequate. It is necessary that the French are realizing that this is human waste. Autistic adults are becoming lifetime interned in a psychiatric institution in harsh conditions, whereas if they had been supported since childhood, they would become adults normally integrated in society ... "

By Matthew and Alexandra Gonzalez Delacharlery



A film called " The wall, psychonalysis put to the test for autism" , describing the psychoanalytic approach of autism, is threatened of censorship.

In France, the most professionals have a psychoanalytic approach of autism.



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