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9 décembre 2011 5 09 /12 /décembre /2011 19:01

A  report of the Lacanians Vs Sophie Robert court hearing about the documentary “The Wall” on autism and psychoanalysis
You can find the links to the reports that have been published


La Croix  

  The newspaper "20 minutes"  

a photo-report


There is nothing more to add, except that the psychoanalysts’ attorney, while stating that it was all about finding whether or not there had been cuts to the film, to distort the speeches, could not help praising his clients, “tolerant, open-minded, distinguished and respectable scholars”, nor to put the cognitive behavioural techniques on trial, which “consist in repeating gestures until the autistic child eventually does what he has to do, just like a trained monkey”. This statement caused loud protests from among the audience, which has been threatened with evacuation from the courtroom twice, but also a warning to the attorney from the Tribunal Chairperson who told him that he was not eligible to speak on autism (it must be said that, later on, Sophie Robert’s attorney also went slightly off the very issue of speech manipulation and put psychoanalysis theories of autism on trial, before the Tribunal Chairperson cut him short).
So we have to wait until January, 26th, to have the verdict.

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